Thursday, 22 October 2009

There's always something happening!

Hello again.. Remember me?
When I looked at the date of the last post it made me realise just how busy I've been. 5 weeks is a long time between updates. In that time, BBC London website contacted me and came out on a London walk with the Hairy Goat London Photography Mystery Tour and gave a great review on the website. For some reason I can't add the links, but they are on my website if you want to read all about it. Group Travel Organiser are about to do a feature as well.

What else? Yep, Market days are now a feature, with a stall down at Greenwich Market on Saturdays, and Leadenhall Market on Wednesdays. The hardest thing to deal with is the 2km walks and 65kg of photos to wheel or carry up and down hills and train station steps. Thanks very much to those who have helped me along the way, but unfortunately there are very few of them! Where did "giving a helping hand" go? One day I'll get a car as a taxi fare is extortionate.

The compliments are flying thick and fast on the photos, but so far it's not paying the bills. Everyone else with stalls at the markets are saying the same thing, that no-one has any money. Personally I think that the money is there, but everyone is hanging onto it "just in case"..or waiting for the last minute Christmas Sales. I'll be at BP's Compass Point offices on Tuesday 2nd Nov and some of their other offices shortly.

However, I took some of my images into a shop on Charing Cross Road and they have bought one of them in postcard and poster formats. I was so excited that when I was in Cass Art buying some stock, that I told the cashier about it and showed her the image.. She promptly bought a copy on the spot, as did the lady in the line behind me. That made my day!

Tonight is the first Night Mystery Tour.. So far the weather is looking pretty good and I hope that it all works out well. Last night I did another walk around and it's amazing how much happens in a day.. Coverings are going up on Tower Bridge (again), lights have been turned on and off in various locations, so it's just as well it's a Mystery Tour so I can change it on the spot! The next tour is on 31st Oct.

The day tour frequency has been reduced for autumn and winter as most of the clients seem to be commuters who are now back at work, which leaves me time to run the stalls, plus pick up a bit of photography work for a previous employer. I had been dreading a possible return to part time work back inside a building, but their offer will keep us both happy and keep the bills paid.

Being outside all day, every day is something I really enjoy and from the looks on some people's faces when I'm handing out brochures, there's a bit of pity and curiosity that someone my age is giving out brochures for a living..Don't feel sorry for me, the freedom to run my day as I see fit is superb!
Anyone noticed the spectacular sunrises we've been getting over Tower Bridge lately?