Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I've been walking all over London

Did you miss me? Just joking, though a few people have asked for an update so it's nice to know this blog actually gets read.
I hope you all had a safe and warm Christmas and New Year and 2010 brings a brighter future for many.

It's been a ridiculously busy time and I had high hopes of putting my feet up and slothing in the bean bag dozing while pretending to read or watch a dvd. But requests from potential clients for photos of various areas of London sent me out on the beautiful blue days. While it was "freeze your bits off" cold, there were some great photo opportunities with the snow, bare trees, frozen fountains at Trafalgar Square, along the river and so few people around. The good thing I noticed was that if someone was in my photo, I only had to wait 20 seconds and it was clear. Not something I think I could do at the peak of summer!

The snow and biting cold of the last few weeks has dented the enthusiasm of many amateur photographers and I can completely understand this. After an hour out there I can barely feel my fingers, have no idea what happened to my feet and I'm slurring like I've spent 3 hours at the pub. Some of the Night Tours have had to be postponed as it's just not been practical in the freezing weather. But the weather is warming up, so rain, hail, sleet or snow, (but preferably in sunshine) the London Photography Mystery Tour still runs in the day time, so come for a London walk with me.

This year will bring more opportunity to market the company in so many ways. I plan to revamp the brochures, put signage up at Tower Hill Tube Station, advertise on renowned London tourist websites, and increase the exposure to the tourist market in as many ways as I can. With a concerted effort and definitely some money, I think Hairy Goat is going to do very well. Some of my clients recently put great reviews on Trip Advisor and I'm rather stoked! It should help with the international market and I really appreciate the effort that they have made on my behalf.

So many people have helped me with keeping my company running, with suggestions, or actual help, support and even just catching up for a coffee when I've need a break and a friend. So to those people, thanks so much for your support. You may not make it into my Will, but I certainly think highly of you ;-)

Anyway, time to go and it won't be 7 weeks until the next blog.. I promise!