Saturday, 28 November 2009

I don't have time to scratch

Well, what an interesting few weeks it's been. So many people have advised setting up on Twitter etc, but who has the time to sit and twit?? I don't have time to scratch most days and hence the delay between blogging posts.

In the last few weeks I've taken a booking from a company for massive number of people on a bespoke walk as a Christmas function. It will be broken down into smaller groups leaving at staggered times. The tour numbers started much lower but once they heard what we were doing, the numbers went up by 50% almost overnight. So the idea of a London walk doing a Mystery Photography Tour is pretty popular and unique. If anyone is stuck for a last minute Christmas function, this is it! Anyway, doing the research, incorporating several pubs along the way, training 4 extra guides for the walk, running market stalls both in London and out in the boonies, holding night tours, and all the general non-stop running around like a Hairy Goat has kept me really flat out.. Oh, and don't forget the radio interview on Westminster University's station with a couple of lovely guys Darby and Ed on .

And I've eliminated a stalker. With a bit of luck and care, there won't be another..

Plus I've taken on my first commission job for taking photos for a lady's bathroom. Do you know how hard it is to find a reasonably priced rubber duck in London, that also doesn't have a brand across it's chest??

The photo of the London bus and taxi in the rain is still selling and I know that one of them is heading over to Australia as part of a present to an English lady who misses England dreadfully. Looking at that picture may help get her over the homesickness. Though it still stops people in their tracks when I display it at Leadenhall market. Everyone loves it.

When I started up Hairy Goat I thought that there would be tours 7 days a week, twice a day.. It hasn't worked out that way yet, but summer will bring an increase in tour numbers and dates again. By then maybe some of the tour guides will feature Hairy Goat, and it will be on the tourist websites . They are an extortionate price to join, but they do provide access to a phenomenal amount of visitors. But meantime, I'm expecting that over Christmas there won't be an abundance of people on tour so the last tour for 2009 will be on Sunday 20th Dec and the first tour for 2010 will be on 2nd January. If there is anyone out there wanting a tour in the middle of that time, the minimum number will be 3 adults and you need to get in conctact with me. Otherwise during that time I'll be making some major changes on the website, catching up on the mountains of paperwork that never seems to go away, and having a couple of sleep-ins! And giving my feet a well earned rest.

Am about to head out on a night tour and thankfully it's not raining. But it's going to be a nippy time.
Catch you later.

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