Thursday, 17 September 2009

Does anyone know where I can get an extra 6 hours into my day?

Hello and long time no type!
I can't believe how manic it has been. Tour numbers picked up for a while, and then the sales, back to school week, the Thames Festival and Nottinghill Carnival hit London and Hairy Goat became a low priority for anyone and everyone except for a couple of us. Even some of the tube lines weren't working properly so London was a difficult place for a week or so.

Over the last few weeks I've had terrific support from another Aussie girl, Axx, and a young English girl, Bxxxx who have helped hand out brochures every morning and afternoon. Bxxxx had been living on the streets for some time and I hoped I could give her enough work to help get her back on her feet. Axx is a complete boon and knowing that I can give her any job to do and it will be done properly would make me the envy of many a boss.
Unfortunately, a few lousy weeks makes all the difference and I can't afford 2 helpers, which is a complete shame as the confidence Bxxxx picked up after a couple of weeks work was really obvious. So if anyone has a need for someone to help with brochure distribution or odd jobs, I have the person for you.. Just get in touch with me.

Over the last couple of weeks, photos, mounts, tape, and copious amounts of paraphernalia has been filling my room. Tomorrow I launch my photos on Greenwich Market customers and hope they have cash to splash. I'm so excited at how well they have turned out as A3 or A2 size. So if you have any interest in seeing the actual photos, come along and say Hi. It's been an exceedingly time consuming process to set up mounts for 70 huge photos. And I must confess that the thought of spending most of my day in one spot and most likely sitting down, is pretty exciting. However, as falling asleep on a train within 2 mins is a standard occurrence for me these days, I'm sincerely hoping I don't get caught napping on the job if it's quieter than expected!
Have a lovely weekend and will provide another update soon.

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