Sunday, 12 July 2009

A huge learning process

Ever since I decided to go ahead with establishing Hairy Goat, it's been a non-stop process of learning, decision making, spending and continual work. I have to say that being in control of my future is a wonderful situation as I'm not scared of hard work and have a lot of faith in the Hairy Goat business.
Ever since the launch of Hairy Goat last week, I have received so many encouraging emails from friends and colleagues, along with the contructive comments I had asked for. When setting up a website, it's easy to forget the simplest things, and one of those for me was putting a note saying that payments for photos are made via Paypal. So, please, if you have any ideas, please let me know.
I realise now that I have too many photos and will have to do some serious culling as the galleries are too unwieldy.
Thanks to those of you who have forwarded my website to friends over the world and would ask you to keep it up. Apart from direct marketing with brochures and business cards to hotels and hostels, hopefully an article in a couple of relevant magazines, standing outside Tower Hill Tube Station today with a sign, and becoming friends with at least 10 Concierges at upmarket hotels in London, this is how I will get the support to make Hairy Goat viable.

An 8 hour sleep at night is long gone, and I don't mind!


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