Friday, 17 July 2009

My kingdom for some toner!

Hello again
I've learnt a valuable lesson over the last few days. Have as much back up stock as possible because not everything goes to plan. My brand new laser printer for brochure production is sitting gathering cobwebs because the manufacturer has completely sold out of toner. Nationwide!! With no shipment due for two weeks. I'm sure I'm not the only unhappy Lexmark owner in the UK. So, unless I want to take out another mortgage to pay for the work to be contracted out, I'm now producing the brochures on my photo printer at a much higher price, and taking 5 times as long. Live and learn.

Thanks to everyone for spreading the word about Hairy Goat around. The website is having hits from Portugal, USA, Netherlands, Australia, UAE, Algeria, South Africa and obviously the UK. It's great to see that many are return visitors to the site and I really would like to hear from you if you have any suggestions or comments. I'm certainly no expert on setting up a business or a website and there are many constructive comments out there!

Handing out brochures and business cards is an interesting experience. First thing in the morning, commuters want nothing, unless it looks like a gift. It gives a more positive impression by just holding a sign which is easily read as people rush past. Those who are interested come and ask about it. Tourists are the most polite, invariably using thank you whether they take a brochure or decline it.

Every day is interesting and there have been very few negative experiences, apart from Lexmark and their faulty logistic operations.

Hope your day is interesting too.


  1. Hey ,
    Sounds great that you know all about your stuff! Its intriguing when you speak to someone who knows what they speak about, as oppose to reciting it from someone else they learned from. I can see you are very experienced and with your credentials it is quite obvious that you will make it far in life, or have already made it far in life :)

  2. Hello
    Sorry, I haven't been on to the blog for some time and didn't realise you had posted a comment.
    Thanks very much for your observations! Over the years, I've done very well. Though I have to confess that most of my experiences come from jumping in the deep end without thinking that I should learn to swim first. Oh well.. But once I'm in the pool, I try to be as observant as possible and not make the same mistakes too often!
    Even things like working out where is a good spot to stand on a footpath, because pedestrians behave differently at different times of the day or depending on how many people are around them. That can make a huge impact on the quantity of brochures I hand out, and eye contact made or even responses to a "Good Morning". And I have to say that at a couple of stations in London, the commuters look like they have just been made to drink a cup of vinegar both in the morning and in the afternoon. I almost feel sorry for them, but then again, if going to work makes you feel that unhappy, get another job!!
    Anyway, good luck to you too. I hope life is treating you kindly.