Saturday, 18 July 2009

I'm getting a tan!

The last month has been a huge improvement on the summer's of the last 3 years. Admittedly over the last week, there has been random rainbursts but the sun is often out and it's warm enough to wear shorts! Who would have believed it? It's a good year to start working outside. The sunscreen and hat are on for most of the day, and I'm still acquiring a tan.

I've started to sign up for as many online business directories as possible and looked at other forms of advertising besides brochures. My first choices, with free magazines and papers cost more than I can afford at the moment, so I'm still reliant on whatever I can get for free, or as little as possible. Having said that, I'm still likely to buy an ad in TimeOut over the next week or so and my friend Shadan of ididjeridoo sent me a long list of online directories. Very helpful, so thanks!

The photo printer has been going non-stop for 6 hours and the continual noise is enough to drive anyone a little potty. My eyes are falling out of my head and it's time for bed.
Catch you another day.

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