Saturday, 25 July 2009

So here it is, another Saturday night spent with a hot printer.. And no, it's a device, not a real life one. I'm sure my social life would be the envy of no-one :-)

But it's all good. I have signed up to quite a few directories and websites etc. In the morning while I'm patiently holding my sign up for the unhappy hordes to read as they rush past, the Hairy Goat name brings a smile to a few faces and looks of puzzlement to others. But now people are getting used to seeing me and are now approaching for a brochure or some information on the London Photography Mystery Tour. Some people have been generous with their time and even giving tips on places to see. Thanks to Paul, Karen and Chris. Word of mouth may turn out to be the best form of advertising after all. A young guy was so taken with the Hairy Goat sign, he wanted a photo of it. I told him to take a photo of my t'shirt as well, so who knows where my picture will end up!

Even one of the ladies from a huge competitor today generously encouraged her group to step my way and some did, though only collecting brochures and information, so I hope to see them on a tour soon.

I forgot to mention I had my first paying customer during the week and it was gratifying to see enjoyment and satisfaction in progress. Thank you Ian, and I think I'll frame the first £20 earnt.

And so, tomorrow while most of the UK has a sleep in, I'll be heading into London waiting patiently for the adventurous explorers to come for a walk with me. The sun is going to shine, so come along!

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